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Planning your taxes effectively with PBL means that you can take full advantage of all the possibilities allowed by law.

Making Tax Digital is here!

From the 1st April you can no longer file your VAT returns with HMRC online and all VAT registered businesses need to register for MTD with HMRC

If you haven’t already, register for Making Tax Digital via the link below:


How do I keep more of what i earn?

Here at PBL we believe that you should keep more of what you earn, whilst staying fully compliant with tax law for businesses and individuals alike. Therefore, our proactive tax planning will identify ways in which to legally minimise your tax burden.

  • For your business, we deal with VAT and Corporation Tax. We are confident that our tax strategies will identify significant savings and we will advise you on the risks and potential gains on following our specialist advice.
  • For you personally, we provide a self-assessment service which will advise you on reducing your tax liability for next year. Treating taxation like all other business costs, directors will be able to minimise tax in accordance with current tax law. Our specialist advisors will ensure that you are tax efficient.
  • What is VAT?

    VAT is a cost added to your product or service. You collect this tax at the point of transaction and subsequently pass this payment onto the government through your quarterly or annual VAT returns. Although being VAT registered is not statutory for all businesses, many choose to do so voluntarily for numerous reasons. With 52% of business owners thinking that they are missing out on unclaimed VAT (according to a study by accounts software provider Sage), you can rest assured that with PBL you’ll have the expert guidance of our experienced team to assist you through this complicated procedure.

    What is the standard VAT scheme?

    The Standard VAT Scheme ensures that in return for performing a tax collection service, HMRC will also allow you to claim back any VAT you have paid to suppliers and deduct this from the amount you hand to them.

    What is Self-Assessment?

    A self-assessment tax return must be completed annually if you earn money through any other means than PAYE. This return will declare your income and calculate the amount of tax you owe. All directors and shareholders that take dividends, property and goods traders and the self-employed are subject to self-assessment returns. These must be completed annually by 31st January the year following the end of the tax year. Here at PBL, our experienced team of tax advisors will ensure that your returns are completed accurately and efficiently.

    What can PBL do for me?

    Here at PBL we promise to complete your VAT Return in a timely and efficient manner. Our team of tax specialists will produce and submit your VAT Return to HMRC on your behalf on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will offer you sound, expert advice on VAT schemes and negotiate, as your representative, with HMRC when necessary. Our comprehensive guidance and support will mean that you are VAT ready. When you pay your taxes you’ll be dealing with a trusted and familiar face who knows your affairs. Our skilled, professional team will work tirelessly to make your numbers work for you in a legal and ethical fashion. At a surprisingly low cost, all this adds up to excellent value for money, giving you the opportunity to focus on what you want your life to be.