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Tax Investigations Insurance

Peace of Mind for Phil Bessant Clients

Every individual taxpayer and business is at risk of being chosen at any time for a tax investigation purely on a random basis. This applies to private individuals and to businesses.

No one is immune.

What triggers an inquiry?

HMRC usually have 12 months from the date your accounts and/or tax return is filed to open an inquiry about anything they consider to be unusual. An example of this is if the sales in your account do not agree with the sales declared in your VAT returns – this may not be unusual but may appear so. Here at PBL we ensure that we check and verify this when preparing your accounts.

Why do you need fee protection?

Being investigated by HMRC can be a distressing and expensive experience that can be very disruptive and intrusive, not to mention prolonged. Investigations frequently go on for a year or more. Our Tax Investigation service will cover the costs we incur in representing you in an investigation.

What types of enquiry are covered?

  • Full Enquiries
  • Aspect Enquiries
  • Business Inspection Notices
  • VAT
  • IR35 disputes and more...

  • What is our Tax Investigations Service?

    An Insurance available that pays the professional fees required to provide you with the right level of representation should you be subject to an investigation or dispute with the tax authorities. Without this cover, you would need to pay for any of the costs incurred by PBL.

    Why choose us?

    You’ll be dealing with a trusted and familiar face who knows your affairs. All our professional fees resulting from any HMRC investigation or PAYE, NIC and VAT disputes will be covered by our service. It will give you peace of mind, minimising the stress an investigation can cause. At a surprisingly low cost, all this adds up to excellent value for money. Full Policy summary are available on request.